Interview Tips & Advice from job agency staffordshire

Interview tips & Advice
Preparation is Key!!!
Research the company beforehand
Ensure you fully understand the role & responsibilities – It is so important to read back through the job description and make sure you take an up to date copy of your CV along with you. The team at J&L will have ensured that you are fully prepared for your interview but make sure you spend some time yourself looking at the company’s website, find out about them, their values, culture, new business gained or awards won recently. Find out as much information as you can so that they know you have researched and that you are really interesting in joining their organization.

Travel Arrangements

Never be late for an interview, ensure that you know the route you are planning to take to get to your interview. Check traffic beforehand and make sure you have money to pay for parking or your bus journey. Plan a trial run beforehand, this should help you judge the time it will take to get to your interview. Aim to arrive 5-10 minutes early to give yourself chance to relax so that you are not rushing..
Dress appropriately.
There are Golden Rules that we feel that you must adhere to when attending an interview. It is imperative that you are clean, tidy, have polished shoes & dress accordingly for the interview. It is important that the person who is interviewing you is concentrating on you alone, don’t give them any reason to be distracted.

During the interview:

It is important to follow these golden rules for a successful interview:

Ensure that your body language is appropriate. Good posture is important, do not slouch, make good eye contact throughout and look interested.

  • Listen
  • Be positive
  • Be honest

Answer all questions clearly and concisely – Expand and give examples of your experience and skills. It is ok to ask for a question to be repeated or ask for clarification.
Be prepared to discuss areas you need to improve in. Its important that you turn this into a positive.
Make sure you have questions ready to ask – Think about what questions you would like to ask such as;
What training opportunities does the company provide?
How is performance measured and reviewed?
What are the dynamics of the team that I would be working?
What opportunities are there for progression?
When will I know if I have been successful?
How soon would you be looking for somebody to start?

Following your interview
Contact the team at J&L who will be waiting for your call
J&L Recruitment aim to provide constructive feedback as soon as it is available from the interviewer at the company.