Kerry ParryDirector
With more than 25 years’ experience in the industry, Kerry knows all there is to know about recruitment (and, frankly, anything she doesn’t know isn’t worth knowing!).
Temporary/permanent consultant, branch manager, welfare-to-work operations manager – Kerry has worked across a broad range of sectors and specialisms in a full 360 role.
Since launching J&L Recruitment two years ago, Kerry has worked with hundreds of clients to find their ideal candidate. She loves the thrill of finding the perfect candidate-client match. And you can’t get a bigger thrill than making that all-important job offer phone call!
Passionate and energetic with a dry sense of humour (if you can’t take it, don’t dish it out!), Kerry is an open book and will talk to anyone about anything. Seriously, anything… In her spare time, Kerry is chief social secretary and taxi service for her 13-year-old daughter, Jessica (the ‘J’ in J&L Recruitment). Daughter duties aside, Kerry enjoys a glass of Prosecco and dancing (badly).
Mel SmithResourcer
Falling down the stairs after a first interview and having to attend a second on crutches could only happen to Mel! Before joining J&L in early 2016, Mel spent three years working as a recruitment consultant in both the IT and commercial sectors.
Working in a full 360 role, Mel bridges the gap between clients and candidates and loves having a good natter with everyone. Whoever she’s talking to, Mel has the knack of discovering exactly what it is they’re looking for. Personally, we think that’s what makes her such a great addition to the team.
Our very own karaoke queen loves singing (move over, Adele!), reading and travelling. So far, she’s visited three of the original wonders of the world and is currently planning a trip to number four.
Millie LyleApprentice
Budding recruitment terrier Millie has a big personality (you have to, to work here!) and an even bigger heart. Once you’ve met her, you’ll understand why she won the ‘Foghorn Award’ (a polite way of saying the noisiest person…) at her school prom.
Dynamic, driven and passionate about every aspect of recruitment, she is determined to achieve her goal of becoming a 360 consultant.
We have no doubt that she will succeed and predict great things for Millie once she completes her apprenticeship later this year. Plus, her organisational skills help to keep the rest of us in check, so we have absolutely no plans to let her go anywhere! Fun-loving Millie enjoys spending time with her family and friends and likes going out for dinner.